Subscription services restored

This is an update on our subscription service. 

Late last year we took the necessary step to stop taking subscriptions or renewals due to ongoing problems with distribution and the lack of support from Australia Post.

We deemed it necessary at the time. However a lot has changed in the past few months. We changed printers in March and was able to go with a printer who handled the whole process in house in Sydney, rather than dealing with printers and third parties in Melbourne. We suffered greatly by sticking with what we knew back then.

We have been closely watching how the new printer deals with distribution and Australia Post, and we have seen a significant improvement in response times to where it should be at.

We introduced an issue by issue ongoing continuous order system, that has worked well, and we appreciate everyone’s response who took up this offer.

We have been undergoing a period of period of change behind the scenes, and have been re evaluating the position of the magazine and business of late,

After careful consideration and looking into the future, we feel that the time is now right to re introduce our subscription service. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes with the new website, and working through issues that caused conflicts in our databases. A new system has been developed which will eliminate these errors.

As of release of this website, we will be once again starting to offer subscriptions as follows:

Australia $66.00 for six issues (12 months) @ 11.00 per copy incl GST

New Zealand AUD $90.00 for six issues (12 months) @ 15.00 per copy incl air mail postage

Rest Of the World AUD $140.00 for six issues (12 months) @ 23.30 per copy incl air mail postage.

Our new subscription service will not offer a customer number, your name and details will be processed and sent directly to our team who will input the data separately not relying on the website to update automatically. A completely fresh database has been created which means we are not relying on any historical information.

We are hoping that you do take up the offer to re subscribe the new pricing structure means that for Australian customers that $11.00 per copy is excellent value, considering that we will be increasing the cover price to $12.95 soon.


If you have any questions or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our team.


Stuart Ellis

Publisher Motive Power Magazine.